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Tips for Online Presentations

Now they are booming everywhere: online seminars, webinars, virtual meetings and lectures! Many speakers, trainers and consultants are changing their offer to online. In my experience, this is a very good thing, because it allows me to help my customers very quickly, for example. It is amazing how quickly the changeover to online tools can be achieved in this time.

Current online working and online learning are as revolutionary as PowerPoint was years ago. The advantages are obvious: international, even global, time and location-independent working, quick accessibility and also the integration of various information portals.

However, while PowerPoint quickly grew into long-winded slide battles back then, numerous dark sides are now also becoming apparent for online presentations:

Suddenly, people spend many, many hours in front of the screen and thus have various physical strains: Neck, eyes and the entire musculoskeletal system are subjected to more or less one-sided strain than in normal office life.
Concentration suffers in this two-dimensional space, especially when a lot is spoken and presented in an unspectacular way. Creativity is therefore also needed here in order to present the information in an interesting and sustainable way.

My tips for today are the following:

I recommend here to apply similar principles as in offline learning, namely to make the content interesting, use unusual presentation methods, act with action and a certain entertainment character.

Apart from larger formats, such as stapling the key points to a clothesline or serving them as a TV show, small effects are also considered particularly valuable.

Our brain loves surprises – we can easily operate this neurodidactic principle.

Here are two examples:

Write your key points on individual cards and throw them in the air when you talk about them. The surprise is guaranteed! And if you want to talk about these cues later, look for them again, maybe a little exaggerated and you will have the next effect, which will draw attention to your topic.

Try out a song on the topic! Choose a simple melody and write a text that summarizes or highlights your information. You can now easily sing this song for your colleagues or participants. You will create a lot of humour!
I have been doing this for years. Try it out – no master has fallen from heaven yet! I wish everyone a lot of fun!


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